Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Game Summary: Very brief

Excellent game play on Monday, everyone! The drama currently unfolding is most intriguing and the comic relief of Gammy's well-placed illusions makes sure we don't get too serious :)

Quick summary of the game to date:

A party of young women was tasked with escorting a young duchess to the capitol city for a ball with the local prince. Through a series of adventures, they discover that the prince (Herschel) is actually much more than he seems and is not a nice guy at all. While escaping Herschel's decidely evil and licentious clutches, they are forced to make a deal with a vampire to destroy a chaotic gate being constructed on a far continent. They are transposted to this continent, but quickly discover they don't have enough information to determine what they must do (nor enough experience to deal with the hazards they are confronted with). After many further adventures, most of the original party dies or wanders off on personal quests and is replaced by other members, many of whom know nothing of the original quest. However, events conspire around these brave fellows such that they find themselves on the same quest, to close the gate. Unfortunately, much time has passed and by the time they gather the artifacts necessary for the task and find the gate in question, construction has completed and the evil force of the Elder gods is coming through. In a mighty battle they close one aspect of the gate, but not before the city in which it has manifest is nearly destroyed.

Now they find themselves in a city in chaos, people looking to them for guidance, chaotic evil loose in the world, the worshippers of the Elder gods seeking to become strong again, unknown demonic forces out to get them, gods taking an interest in their every move, and feeling torn in many directions as messages of family members in trouble, personal quests, and the pressures of gods and demons weigh them down.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Next Game:9/17

When last we saw our intrepid adventurers, they had just escaped from a collapsing (or perhaps expanding?) dimensional space in which Mira, Herschel, and Sil were laying. They of course laid the smack down on the three seemingly dead bad guys before they skeedaddled. They are standing outside the doorways which are fast crumbling, leaving nothing but unmarked wall behind.
Play begins at 7pm and will end promptly at 10pm.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Very Secret Diaries of the LOTRs characters

An absolutely brilliant and hilarious set of "secret diaries" from the LOTR characters. Perfect for all those pervy hobbit fanciers out there (although, I'm not sure they're as funny as Mike's "Tora" post!!)

LOTR meets D&D....

A group of hack and slash players that have never read/see LOTRs. A masochistic DM with a lot of patience. Put them together and you get Aragon wanting to know where the brothels are!